About Hide Hāute

Hide Hāute is a fashion enterprise specializing in fashion and utility accessories crafted with Genuine Leather.

With in-house design capabilities and contract manufacturing, we aspire to become India’s largest single brand online store for fashion-utility accessories crafted only with Genuine Leather, featuring innovative and upbeat fashion for Both Women and Men for all occasions-Social or Professional. We produce high-end ladies Hand Bags, Clutches, Men’s Bags, Unisex Bags, Office Briefcases, Travel Backpacks, Folders, Organizers, wallets, note case, purses and all kind of small leather accessories. Hide Hāute offers an international class, contemporary design and exquisite craftsmanship of leather accessories and products through its online shopping store and brings a new style statement at very competitive prices.

Hide Haute along with its logo is a registered Trade Mark (App. No.-3477363, Class 18), protected under Trade Mark Act 1999 that governs Intellectual Property Rights in India and Hide Haute Enterprises is registered under MSMED Act 2006 (UAM: DL08A0009962 under NIC Code: 15122).

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Why Genuine Leather instead of Cheap FAUX Leather or PU Leather…

FAUX Leather, also known as Leatherette, though looks and feels like real leather, is actually made out of other artificial materials. There are two main types of man-made leather: PU (Polyurethane) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Since PVC Leather is not breathable it is less commonly used in making clothing and other items. PU Leather, when compared to Real leather, is very similar in terms of look and feel and it is very tough to tell the difference between the real leather and PU Leather.
But PU Leather is ultimately a man-made material and exists to give the look and feel of real leather at exceptionally lower cost and hence is far less durable, considerably cheaper and would not last long. Artificial Leather is cheaper products but its life is much shorter and would quickly loose the shine and colour. Further, they start stiffening with the passage of time. Another disadvantage is, Leatherette become very stiff and inflexible in the cold environment.

Real or Genuine Leather is processed or made from the Animal Skins mainly cattle hide.
Genuine Leather products will last you a lifetime and are very durable. The best way to tell difference is by looking at the imperfections on the leather surface. The Genuine Leather surface will have a difference of colour as the natural skin. Also, Genuine Leather feels smooth and buttery, while the fake version feels more like plastic. The Real Leather product also has a very distinctive smell (that does fade away with time) while the faux leather product does not have any smell or smells like plastic.
It is very durable but proper care needs to be taken while using genuine leather. You would need to take proper care to avoid the leather from getting wet, and keep it away from chemicals such as perfumes, etc.

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